Atari 400 Frogger help!?!?!

From: Marvin <>
Date: Fri Jul 18 22:01:43 1997

Cord Coslor wrote:
> I recently picked up an Atari 400 computer... and have the version of
> Sega's Frogger for it. It's on cassette tape, and I am having some
> problems loading it. I know some loading commands from a quick look at the
> manual, but am still not able to get the tape loaded. I eventually get
> errors using three different load types: CLOAD, ENTER "C:", and LOAD "C:"

A quick look at one of the Atari books indicates that after using the
correct load type (sometimes determined from trial and error!), the
speaker should beep once. After that, press play on the cassette
recorder and again press enter. At that point, the cassette should
start to load and you should be able to hear the data through your TV

According to one of the cassette programs I have, if you have trouble
loading the first program on the cassette, rewind the cassette all the
way. Set the cassette counter to 000, then fast forward to 002 or 003
and CLOAD from that point.

I suspect the idea behind the above procedure is to get past the tape
leader before trying to CLOAD. I might add the cassette those
instructions came from is PDI's "Word Search: Geography (Atari Basic)."

Any errors at this point would probably point to a damaged tape or tape
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