TRS-80 Model III Questions

From: Charles E. Fox <>
Date: Sun Jul 20 08:25:46 1997

At 11:51 PM 7/19/97 +0000, you wrote:
>A while back I picked up a TRS-80 Model 3 without disk drives. It
>works fine and I've been on the prowl for drives for it. Well, the
>other day while picking up some PDP-8 stuff (questions for another
>time), the guy gave me 2 Model 3s with drives. I've cleaned them up
>and checked them out and finally powered them on. Now this is the
>problem. They come on and the lower drive (drive 0?) lights up and
>then stops and the screen stays blank. I don't have a DOS for them
>so my question is, should these boot up without it as my cassette
>based 3 does, giving me the Cassette? and RAM? questions or do I have
>to get TRSDOS or one of the others. If these systems are bad, I'm
>thinking of moving the drives to my cassette system. Looks like a
>lot of boards to move, assuming the drives and controller are ok.
>Comments? Also, can someone help out with a copy of TRSDOS, NewDOS,
>LDOS or some other and a comm program?
>David Williams - Computer Packrat
CORRECTION..... Apparently I engaged my keyboard before my brain was in gear!
        When I turn on my Model 4 without a disk installed I get "DISKETTE?"
on the screen. Sorry about that.
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