Atari still around?

From: Faiaz, Michael C. HSD <>
Date: Mon Jul 21 11:37:00 1997

Yes! Sorry about the misspelling! The merger was done by ATARI giving
a "bridge loan" to JTS.

To: Discussion re-collecting of classic computers
Subject: RE: Atari still around?
Date: Friday, July 18, 1997 1:00PM

I had to jump in! :)

Mike, are you talking about the Tandon as in "Tandem"? :) Is that
person who now owns this JTS is american or not?

I still waiting to see how good JTS are or still junk. I knew Tandon
drives used to be reasonably good drive but WD jumped in and screwed


Jason D.

> Yes there are still distributors around! I will put a list together.
> Atari merged with JTS, a make of PC hardrives, owned by the person who
> used to put out Tandem harddrives. Atari is now known as ATARI
> INTERACTIVE, a maker of game software for all platforms!
> Mike
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