FWD: RSTS/E Manuals

From: Allison J Parent <allisonp_at_world.std.com>
Date: Tue Jul 22 11:36:22 1997

<dollars or drive hundreds (thousands) of miles in a rented truck (unless
<you can fit a PDP-11 in the trunk of a Honda Civic) to pick stuff up.

I've loaded an 11/23 with rx02 drives sans rack into one easily. A DG mini
in one of the smaller boxes would fit. Keep in mind most of the minis the
basic CPU box is rack width (nom 19"wide x 30"deep) and usually under 11"
tall. Most 11/23s are in ba11N or S boxes that are 5-1/2" tall. An RL02
at 70pounds is rack width/depth and under 11" tall. The cak however can be

I could easily fit a 11/23 or ther Q-bus pdp-11/rlo2/rx02 in any midsize
trunk they arent that big. Also some of the short racks (30", 40", 50")
fit in rooms easily. They are more than large enough to contain a PDP-11
or nova or several depending o disks and CPU boxes.

I'd jump on a Front pannel nova but I can't swing the shipping unless I can
keep it under 20$. Even thoug DG is only a few miles from here I've never
played with their hardware.

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