Minicomputer Storage Myths

From: Kevan Heydon <>
Date: Tue Jul 22 13:00:46 1997

Ok Carl,

You have me feeling guilty now and thinking of more creative storage
practices so I can keep the limited PDP stuff I have.

> For the most part, your typical minicomputer fits securely in a 19"
> wide rack. They're typically either around 5.5" or 11" high, or there-
> abouts, and they're usually 22-30" deep with some going a little
> deeper. They stack nicely for the most part as all the surfaces are
> at right angles to one another. They do weigh a certain amount, but
> usually do not top 100 pounds or so.

Ok, they are a very convenient shape compared with Superbrains, Tandy
Model 4s and PETs. I only have a couple of PETs and they are a real
pain. What do other collectors do with these machines?

On the down side for storage space the manuals for minicomputers are
normally far more extensive than the typical 1/2" thick A4/A5 manual you
get with a micro.

> I noticed that one chap has installed his pdp11 under his bed; good
> call! I hadn't thought of that one...

I know a guy who has computers under all of the beds in his parents
house. We have a plinth around the base of our bed which means you can't
easily get or see under it, but... my wife Michelle has problems lifting
the bed so it might be the perfect place for emergency storage :-)

> Kevan has room in his loft for a half-dozen minis or so (looked
> at the pictures) once he gets things organised (sorry, Kevan) with
> space left over.

Your right I probably do, but I do want to get a couple of large desks
so I can put my Apollo and MG-1 on them as well as have room for the
odd micro I am playing with at the time. I guess there will be room
under the desk like there is under my current desk for two 4/110's and
an SMS 1000 (aka PDP 11/23)

(Getting things organised has started now.)

> The ultimate space-management tool in dealing with minis is the
> six-foot rack. In one of them you can mount an easy half-dozen
> machines; if you share peripherals, they can all be used too. Un-
> fortunately, my wife drew the line at that one, so I use the "scatter
> method" of space management.

I used to have computers all around the house, but since having the
loft done they all HAVE to be up there now.

> The bottom line is that _it's not as big a deal as it's made out
> to be_! It can be done, it should be done, and not enough people are
> doing it.

> The machines are disappearing - and that's a shame.

I don't get to hear about many minis but when I do I contact people who
I think will be interested in them. This mailing list will be the first
to hear of any.

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