Minicomputer Storage Myths

From: PDP11 Hacker ..... <>
Date: Tue Jul 22 19:27:04 1997

>Ok, they are a very convenient shape compared with Superbrains, Tandy
>Model 4s and PETs. I only have a couple of PETs and they are a real
>pain. What do other collectors do with these machines?

Put them on top of piles of minicomputers :-).

Seriously, I _have_ used chipboard/shelf brackets to make 'tunnels' that fit
over the crazier shaped machines (PETs, etc), so that I can stack other things
on top. If you do this, and decide to run the machines that inside the tunnels,
then please add fans or at least make sure air can get into the cooling vents.

>On the down side for storage space the manuals for minicomputers are
>normally far more extensive than the typical 1/2" thick A4/A5 manual you
>get with a micro.

Indeed. I have a large pile of DEC printsets + A4 binders of user guides, etc.
Mind you, the 8 IBM Techref manuals (PC, XT, AT vol1, AT vol2, O&A vol 1, O&A
vol 2, Scientific O&A, PC-jr) take up quite a bit of space as well...


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