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From: James Willing <jimw_at_agora.rdrop.com>
Date: Tue Jul 22 13:50:16 1997

On Tue, 22 Jul 1997, Tim Shoppa wrote:

> >> [plea by Jeff Shirley elimiated for brevity...]
> When I was in Pasadena, Jeff Shirley was a never-ending reliable source
> for excellent-condition classic hardware, software, and knowledge.

Good to hear. Apparently I have missed some of his messages along the

> Over the past decade, Jeff Shirley has made great efforts to make
> sure that truly classic DEC hardware, software, and systems find
> a good home.

Again, a good thing...

> What I'm amazed at is that I've got several thousands pounds of
> Data General Eclipse S/130's up here
> in B.C. - machines with full toggle-and-light front panels - and
> I'm unable to give them away. Repeated posts of the hardware lists
> to "classiccmp" have yielded virtually no interest, outside of a
> couple of truly heroic collectors/preservationists from the East Coast.

I'd love to have one. I've mentioned this to Paul (Pierce) and seem to
recall him sending you a message. All I've got to do is figure out how to
get one here...
> Yet if I make
> a mention that I have a front-panel IMSAI I get hundreds of emails
> from collectors and pseudo-collectors-wannabes who would bend over backwards
> to pay me good money for it. Are the only machines that
> people collect trendy micros that have been featured in the "collectible"
> column of the _LA Times_ and the like?

Think you've hit it on the head! But I would not call them "collectors",
any more than the people who will only ever offer items through auction.

These folk are just out for the quick $$, and have little enough interest
in the machine or its history. They just want to claim that they have
something that you don't and can get a lot of money for it!

> Are classic minis, including PDP-11's
> and DG mini's only items for the junk heap? (Outside the efforts of
> me, Jeff Shirley, and a couple heroic folks in Rhode Island, that is?)

Now hold up here guy! Kind of the 'broad brush' approach don't you think?

This passtime ("hobby" if you must) tends to take cooperation on both
sides to make things work!

I send Jeff a note this morning about the manuals. I had not contacted
him earlier due to a direct inferrance in his posting that he *did not
want to ship them* ! We'll see if that has changed. I just can't justify
a romp from Oregon to Southern California for a set of manuals.

I get quite a bit of gear shipped to me, but it takes some effort on
*both* sides!

Having a PDP-8/i system shipped out from Wisconsin set me back nearly $2k,
but I considered it to be worthwhile, and the person that had it worked
with me on the shipping arrangements.

Some folk make it feel like a *major* event to get a few pieces or books
put into a box and hauled to the local post. I've only got so much time
and patience for dealing with situations like that.

Please keep in mind, that it is only in the *very rare* case that any of
us ever "give something away". There is almost always some cost on both
sides, be it fuel, shipping, time, effort, or what have you.

There perhaps more than anything is what defines a 'true' collector. How
much 'cost' are you willing to invest, without always getting something
tangible in return.

I'd ramble (rave) on, but I suspect its time to get down from the soapbox.
Besides I still need to finish sorting and cataloging a truckload of Dec
and Sun gear I rescued this weekend.

 (and I suspect this connection is going to drop any second now...)

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