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From: William Donzelli <william_at_ans.net>
Date: Tue Jul 22 21:32:18 1997

> Having a PDP-8/i system shipped out from Wisconsin set me back nearly $2k,
> but I considered it to be worthwhile, and the person that had it worked
> with me on the shipping arrangements.

This amount seems quite excessive - you may have made the mistake of
calling computer equipment "computer equipment". Let me explain (for the
benefit of minicomputers everywhere).

Freight companies charge mostly for what they are shipping, rather than
how far or how much they are shipping. Computer equipment is shipped
every day, and of course, some of it gets damaged. The freight companies
have to pay for it (directly, or indirectly thru raised insurance costs).
To cover for the inevitable damages, higher shipping rates are quoted.

If some old computer is called "scrap electronics" (or oddly
"transformers"), freight companies will quote rates quite low. After
all, damaged scrap is still scrap - no insurance problems.

For example, a guy I know shipped a 400 pound radio transmitter (BC-610,
for you hams) from Houston to New York for under $200. Over 120 pounds or
so, freight gets cheaper than UPS, RPS, or the other couriers.

The catch is that you better crate the beasts up WELL, as they may get
harse treatment. Building a crate for a six foot rack is not much of a
hardship, as just about the cruddiest wood can be used.

William Donzelli
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