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From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Wed Jul 23 00:54:11 1997

On Tue, 22 Jul 1997, Brett wrote:

> list of who gets gets what. The closest Rescue Squad personnel arranges
> a time and date for his pick up in B.C. We ALL find out about Customs
> view of shipping scrap across the boarder 8-) Sure - the hardest hit will
> be the first in the chain - but we ALL should be first at least ONCE! Then
> the next RS person in each direction goes to #1's location and we start
> splitting up the goodies. I am NOT saying you will get the item in 10
> days. It might take months to sort it all out. If the first guy spends
> $200 on a truck and $100 on gas - so what - if he comes back with 30
> boxes thats what $10 each? We got it as far as Washington or Oregon! The
> next guy spends $60 bucks on gas in his station wagon - ok - he gets 6
> boxes and it comes to another $10. We would be in Idaho, Utah or
> California! The #1 guy gets to meet Tim - an honor in itself - but only

So what happens to the guy in Maine? Does he get to pick up the
accumulated $600 in transportation charges that the others before him

> really spent a weekend of time - he also gets some hardware of doc or
> boards or whatever - if he wants any - and if you set it up so the next
> crew is there to unload him - even better! In one weekend we could be
> almost a quarter across the US with some of it already delivered. The next
> weekend or even a month later (depending on storage 8-) the next leg goes.

Does everyone here have the time to retrieve, sort, re-package and
transport equipment in this manner? I hate to speak for everyone, but I
doubt it.

> Finally, everything gets delivered. Maybe the East Coast pays $10 for 10
> trips - it's still only $100 for a personally delivered/pickup computer
> within 8-10 hour drive. So what if it took 2 months to get there?

You're forgetting the fact that the equipment still had to make its way
to Maine, accumulating the transportation charges the entire way. I
wouldn't expect anyone to extend me that charity.

> Isaac and I have had a vision 8-) of a group of pickups and trailers all
> meeting in a cornfield in Nebraska with the associated "Chinese Fire
> Drill" of people running around sorting out shipments and maybe having a
> campfire or pot-luck dinner! God what a life it could be! You get to do
> a nice weekend drive - meet friends with the SAME interests as you - have
> a nice talk - do some drinking maybe and then back to the real world by
> Monday! Who could ask for more out of life? During the week set up to do
> it all over again, sort some shipments - meet people closer to you who can
> make it as a evening trip or even an overnighter. Poor over the docs you
> *said* you didn't want but - damn - that looks interesting.

This would be nice, but again, its a matter of time and money. I and I
would expect others in this busy world have plenty to do on weekends as
it is. This hobby is not my life. It is a hobby.

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