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From: Brett <>
Date: Tue Jul 22 23:18:03 1997

On Tue, 22 Jul 1997, Stacy C. Morang wrote:
> On Tue, 22 Jul 1997, Tim Shoppa wrote:
> > What I'm amazed at is that I've got several thousands pounds of
> > Data General Eclipse S/130's up here in B.C. - machines with full
> > toggle-and-light front panels - and I'm unable to give them away.
> > Repeated posts of the hardware lists to "classiccmp" have yielded
> > virtually no interest, outside of a couple of truly heroic
> > collectors/preservationists from the East Coast.
> I'd love to have one, but there's the usual two problems - one is that
> B.C. is a really long way from Maine, and two, storage space (although if
> you were on this corner of N. America I'd solve that one).
> I've always wanted something with a full panel, but 3 hr drives are
> definitely about the limit.
> Now, if there was a bucket brigade.....
> -stacy

That's funny Stacy 8-) This is what I thought belonging to this group and
the Classic Computer Rescue Squad was ALL about. I would like this to be
a *normal* thing to do. Everyone who wants one - Talk to Tim. Tim puts a
list of who gets gets what. The closest Rescue Squad personnel arranges
a time and date for his pick up in B.C. We ALL find out about Customs
view of shipping scrap across the boarder 8-) Sure - the hardest hit will
be the first in the chain - but we ALL should be first at least ONCE! Then
the next RS person in each direction goes to #1's location and we start
splitting up the goodies. I am NOT saying you will get the item in 10
days. It might take months to sort it all out. If the first guy spends
$200 on a truck and $100 on gas - so what - if he comes back with 30
boxes thats what $10 each? We got it as far as Washington or Oregon! The
next guy spends $60 bucks on gas in his station wagon - ok - he gets 6
boxes and it comes to another $10. We would be in Idaho, Utah or
California! The #1 guy gets to meet Tim - an honor in itself - but only
really spent a weekend of time - he also gets some hardware of doc or
boards or whatever - if he wants any - and if you set it up so the next
crew is there to unload him - even better! In one weekend we could be
almost a quarter across the US with some of it already delivered. The next
weekend or even a month later (depending on storage 8-) the next leg goes.
Finally, everything gets delivered. Maybe the East Coast pays $10 for 10
trips - it's still only $100 for a personally delivered/pickup computer
within 8-10 hour drive. So what if it took 2 months to get there?
Isaac and I have had a vision 8-) of a group of pickups and trailers all
meeting in a cornfield in Nebraska with the associated "Chinese Fire
Drill" of people running around sorting out shipments and maybe having a
campfire or pot-luck dinner! God what a life it could be! You get to do
a nice weekend drive - meet friends with the SAME interests as you - have
a nice talk - do some drinking maybe and then back to the real world by
Monday! Who could ask for more out of life? During the week set up to do
it all over again, sort some shipments - meet people closer to you who can
make it as a evening trip or even an overnighter. Poor over the docs you
*said* you didn't want but - damn - that looks interesting.

(Did I get wound up again?)
My pen is at the bottom of a page,
Which, being finished, here the story ends;
'Tis to be wished it had been sooner done,
But stories somehow lengthen when begun.
                -- Byron
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