From: Gil Parrish <107765.1161_at_compuserve.com>
Date: Thu Jul 24 14:24:26 1997

Message text written by Sam:
>I should have mentioned that in a couple months when the remaining units
are liberated, they will be up for grabs.<

A suggestion. Why don't you start with the existing list of people who
were willing to pay for the units, and allocate one to each. If there
aren't enough to go around, then delete names in some random manner. If
there are units left over, then take the list of folks who requested more
than one and allocate them to those folks in some sort of random manner,
and so on.

Anybody will take a "freebie", but the folks who committed to make this
deal work ought to have the first shot at them. I'm just sorry the deal
didn't work out as anticipated. And by the way-- if these aren't
new-in-the-box units, I assume they won't be coming with an instruction

Gil Parrish
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