Getting desperate...!

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Thu Jul 24 16:42:47 1997

<From: "Lane, Bruce A" <>

< Gad, I'm beginning to get a REALLY good idea of what searching for
<tough-to-find's can be like!
< Here's the story. I have several MicroVAX II's. I need a way -- ANY
<way! -- to boot from a CD-ROM on one or all of them.
< OR (4): A later model of VAXen (maybe a 3500, 4000, or 5000 series)
<that is designed to accomodate SCSI from the get-go, and can boot from a

Or a 3100, or vs2000 they have SCSI.

<As a last-gasp possibility, I do have a functional TK30 tape drive. Any
<chance that, if I copy the Ultrix distribution CD to a CompacTape II
<cartridge, it would be bootable by the MicroVAX?

Not likely if it's a copy. Though you likely can build a tape from the

<Fellow DEC'ers, I'm getting desperate. Please help me out if you can!
<I've got at least three systems sitting idle and gathering dust because
<I can't boot a CD on them at the moment.

Join the crowd. Of all my time in computers starting back with the PDP-8s
I've had the problem of I have W and the machine can read Y. Right now my
vaxen know only rx50, rx33, or tk50. My PC knows none of those and the
PDP-11 has those and RL02.

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