The Rescuer's Conundrum

From: John Ruschmeyer <>
Date: Thu Jul 24 16:51:46 1997

> >P.S. Anybody also know of a source for a LaserWriter Plus logic board, too?
> What's wrong with the old one. From the pictures I've seen of said board
> (Sorry, I don't have one, only a CX-VDO (same engine, but with no logic board)
> and a Laserwriter 2NT), it looks to be mostly standard components, and should
> be repairable.

Well, it appears to be failing its self-test. When you power it on, it never
prints a test page and is never seen on a LocalTalk net.

So, I hooked up a serial terminal to it and got the following at 1200 baud:


I posted to Apple's Tech support site, Usenet, and AOL, but could never
get an answer as to what this code means.

It's definately the logic board, but I've got no idea where to start looking.
(Not to mention that the only socketd chips are the ROMs and a couple of PALs.)

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