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From: Greg Mast <>
Date: Fri Jul 25 02:31:53 1997

> On 21 Jul 97 at 10:15, Greg Mast wrote:
> > Apple III External Floppy Drive **PHOTO**

> I noticed the current bid for this was $103.50. I'd love to hear if
> you actually collect that much for it. I can't believe someone
> actually wants it THAT bad.

Me too. I figured $20-$30. But who am I to complain? But like they say,
talk is cheap. We'll see if they pull through. I had a Radio Shack hard
drive that was bid up to $150 a while back. Both high bidders flaked and
I relisted it and sold it for $30. Go figure.

On the other hand, I had a garage sale last weekend. Not one person
interested in the piles of Apple, Commodore, Atari stuff. I mean, if you
guys aren't going to garage sales to buy stuff, you're missing a lot of
deals. Most of the stuff at the Goodwill has an old garage sale sticker
on it.
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