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Date: Fri Jul 25 09:25:47 1997

> On the other hand, I had a garage sale last weekend. Not one person
> interested in the piles of Apple, Commodore, Atari stuff. I mean, if you
> guys aren't going to garage sales to buy stuff, you're missing a lot of
> deals. Most of the stuff at the Goodwill has an old garage sale sticker
> on it.

I don't see many garage sales around here. Sometimes I get to radio
rallies (hamfests, I think is the US term). But there is a car boot sale
most Sunday mornings in the summer where I call in on the way home from
church. Sometimes there is good stuff; sometimes there is awful stuff;
last Sunday I saw (in the way of computers) a late model Commodore 64
(which I already have) without a price tag, and next to it a card
advertising a Commodore PET (model unspecified) + disk drive + lots of
disks, working but needs new cable (also unspecified) hence "low" price of
L30 [delete] [delete] 25.

Since I have five PETs already, I didn't bite. But even if it's a fat 40
(which I don't have yet) I'd be reluctant to pay as much as L25 (over $40)
even in full working order, and certainly not without the disk drive cable
(replacement easily obtainable _only_ on the 8032SK AFAIK).

Still, enough moaning. I agree, this sort of sale is always worth a visit
- you never know what interesting little goodies you might find there...

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