I need a Commodore Plus/4 Video Cable

From: Gil Parrish <107765.1161_at_compuserve.com>
Date: Mon Jul 28 09:16:27 1997

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>>The 8-pin cable for the Plus/4 is exactly the same as the 8-pin cable for
the (more common) Commodore 64 or 128. <<
>> Finally, if you want to hack one together, I can provide the pinout.<<

>I'd like the Pinout!!<

First, the Commodore 8-pin DIN connector is the unusual one; the "Hershman"
or something. This means that pins 7 and 8 are not in the same positions
as on the common 8-pin DIN connector. (Look at the port to confirm pin
placement; I'm not sure the chart below is correct.) One easy solution
here is to cut pins 7 and 8 off a common 8-pin connector; they aren't
needed for anything. Or as explained below, you can use a common 5-pin DIN
connector; but, if you're hooking to a separated color composite monitor,
your picture won't be QUITE as sharp.

Looking at the port on the back of the computer, OR at the BACK of the DIN
plug (the side you'll attach the wires to), the pinout is:

   8 7
3 6 1
   5 4

Connections are:

1 Luminance
3 Audio
4 Color Composite
5 Audio In (not used)
6 Chroma
7 NC
8 NC

Hook up pin 3 for audio in all cases. As to video, if you're using a
separated color composite monitor, do separate RCA plugs for 1 and 6. If
you're using a color composite monitor with the single input, use 4. If
you have monochrome, use 1. If you want to use a 5-pin DIN connector with
a separated color composite monitor, do separate RCA plugs for pins 1 and
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