I need a Commodore Plus/4 Video Cable

From: Gil Parrish <107765.1161_at_compuserve.com>
Date: Mon Jul 28 09:16:23 1997

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>> >Does anyone have a Commodore Plus/4 video cable for sale or trade?<<<

>> (the early models had a 5-pin port) will also work on a Plus/4. In
fact, I think most home computer manufacturers (Atari, TI) used 5-pin
cables with
the composite, sound and ground on the same pins, so you could try one of<<

>I have a TI/994a converter box...will this work?<

The TI 99/4a doesn't have an internal RF modulator; that's what the box
does. So even on a TI, you only need the box (and can only use the box) if
you're hooking to a TV. The Plus/4 has an internal RF modulator, so if you
want to hook to a TV all you need is an RCA-RCA cable and an ordinary
game/TV switch. I *assumed* (and we all know what happens when we "ass u
me") that when you said "video cable", you meant a monitor cable. As I
said, it's the same as the C64 and some other computers use, so it
shouldn't be all that rare. I'm sure anybody could sell you one (including
me) for $5 and postage.

Gil Parrish
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