Right idea, wrong item...

From: Lane, Bruce A <B.Lane_at_PSS.Boeing.com>
Date: Tue Jul 29 14:31:55 1997

        I hate it when this happens...

        As it turns out, it's not an RRD40 CD-ROM drive I should be after.
According to a manual I just picked up, it's the RRD50.

        With that in mind... Allison? Tim? Would either of you happen to have a
line on a DEC RRD50 drive and controller?

        And no, Allison, I've not given up on MOPbooting. It would just be a
Nice Thing if I didn't have to depend on that every time I needed to do
a load.

        Thanks in advance.

==Bruce 'Why me?' Lane
Received on Tue Jul 29 1997 - 14:31:55 BST

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