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From: Richard A. Cini, Jr. <>
Date: Tue Jul 29 19:56:34 1997

Hello, all:

        Just an update on the Altair info that my friend is scanning for me. Below is
the list. He is preparing a ZIP disk for me containing the files in the PDF
forman. I'll have it in a couple of weeks.

        He also said that he wants to scan other materials that he has, such as
Altair Basic and Extended Basic manuals, the Assembler manual and others, plus
the MITS "Computer Notes" as well as material from other manufacturers. I told
him that I want it all (like I would really say no?)
        Holy, cow, what a list...

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==============>>>> The List

                        Altair 8800 Stuff
Altair 8800 Operator Manual op_man.pdf 5.49MB
Altair Audio Cassette Interface 8800-acr.pdf 2.19MB
Altair 4K Static RAM 8800-4mcs.pdf 1.28MB
Altair 4 Parallel I/O 8800-4pio.pdf 1.77MB
Altair Vector Int. & Real Time Clock 8800-virtc.pdf 1.93MB

                        Altair 8800B Manual
All Sections (338 pgs.) 8800b.pdf 26.37MB
        Front/Index 8800b-i.pdf 515KB
        Intro (Sect.1) 8800b-1.pdf 558KB
        Op. Guide (Sect.2) 8800b-2.pdf 6.25MB
        Theory of Op. (Sect.3) 8800b-3.pdf 8.51MB
        Troubleshooting(Sect 4) 8800b-4.pdf 3.78MB
        Assembly (Sect.5 8800b-5.pdf 6.31MB
        Parts List (App. A) 8800b-a.pdf 438KB

Processor Technology 4K Static RAM 4kra.pdf 445KB
Processor Technology MotherBoard pt_mb.pdf 373KB
Cromemco Bytesaver bytsavr.pdf 1.22MB
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