Hacking TI Calculator Interface

From: jpero_at_mail.cgo.wave.ca <(jpero_at_mail.cgo.wave.ca)>
Date: Wed Jul 30 17:02:59 1997

> Hello, all:
> I know that this really doesn't fit here, since I only bought this calc
> yesterday, but I figure that someone here may know...
> I bought a TI-85 graphing calculator, and it has a 3-wire computer interface.
> It seems that for $40, you can buy a cable adapter to hook it to a PC's COM
> port. Software can be gotten from TI's Web site.
> I don't want to pay $40 for a DB-9 connector and a 3-wire headphone jack. I'm
> guessing that the interface is a software-handshaking 3-wire RS-232 setup, but
> before I hook something up to the calc, I wanted to ask if anyone has this
> calc and can shed some light on it.
> TIA!

Sorry to throw wet towel on you...those "dongle" interface kit guess
what has little complex board inside. Real sucker really.

We did that this year to see if we can do that too. :)

Jason D.
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