I'm back

From: Bill Whitson <bw_at_booster.bothell.washington.edu>
Date: Wed Jul 30 20:22:21 1997

You may not have noticed ;) but I've been too busy to do
anything list-related for the last couple weeks. I'll
catch up on the old messages soon.

New stuff:

1. After a 2 week linux installation the classiccmp server
is on-line (yeah, it was really ugly). Anyway we now have
a couple gigs of storage space available. If you want to
create anything for the web site I can provide space.

The web site is now http://haliotis.bothell.washington.edu/classiccmp/
The ftp site is now ftp://haliotis.bothell.washington.edu/pub/classiccmp/

2. I will be taking a week-long vacation in San Luis Obispo, CA in
early september. There is a huge computer scrap-yard in the area that
I will be checking out. If any of you local to the area would like
to join up for that, let me know.

Bill Whitson
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