1st Annual Listserver get together

From: Marvin <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Thu Jul 31 00:17:47 1997

Bill Whitson wrote:

> 2. I will be taking a week-long vacation in San Luis Obispo, CA in
> early september. There is a huge computer scrap-yard in the area that
> I will be checking out. If any of you local to the area would like
> to join up for that, let me know.

Since San Luis Obispo is only about 90 miles north, I'd love to meet you
up there and see the Atascadero scrap yard! Hmmm, since San Francisco
is only about 3 hours north of San Luis (okay, so I drive fast :) ), why
can't the Bay area crowd meet us all down there too. Sounds like the
first annual Classic Computer Listserver get-together is now being
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