Yet another weekend haul story

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Mon Jun 2 01:24:32 1997

On Sun, 1 Jun 1997, George Lin wrote:

> I responded to a Usenet post regarding some UCSD P-Code stuff. It turned
> out the guy had a garage of other stuff that he was trying to get rid of.
> Here's what I got in two carloads:
> accessories including a CP/M cartridge for C64

A CP/M _carthridge_? Awesome.

> o 1 Atari 520ST (dead--for parts), 1 Atari 1040ST, 1 boxed Atari Falcon030,

What's a Falcon030?

> o 1 boxed Timex Sinclair 1000

Boxed? Sweet.

> o 1 Vector 4

What's that?

> o 2 Apple IIc's, one of them is a rare prototype

What's the prototype like? I would be totally interested in seeing a
picture of this and hearing more detail about it.

> The price? Free.

Actually, I'm used to getting most of my stuff for free now. I hate it
when I have to pay for any old computer junk because I've been so spoiled
with free crap lately.

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