Yet another weekend haul story

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Mon Jun 2 01:21:05 1997

On Sun, 1 Jun 1997, George Lin wrote:

> I responded to a Usenet post regarding some UCSD P-Code stuff. It turned
> out the guy had a garage of other stuff that he was trying to get rid of.
> Here's what I got in two carloads:
> o 1 Kaypro II, 1 Kaypro 2X (dead--for parts), 1 Kaypro 4
> o 1 boxed Commodore 64, 1 Commodore 128, plus a bunch of Commodore
> accessories including a CP/M cartridge for C64
> o 1 Osborne Executive
> o 1 Compaq suitcase
> o 1 Atari 520ST (dead--for parts), 1 Atari 1040ST, 1 boxed Atari Falcon030,
> plus 2 Atari RGB monitors and other Atari accessories
> o 1 boxed Timex Sinclair 1000
> o 1 TRS-80 Model 1 with expansion interface and disk drive
> o 1 Vector 4
> o 2 Apple IIc's, one of them is a rare prototype
> o 20 Xerox paper cartons full of original software on disks/tapes for the
> above systems, manuals, out-of-print computer books, and old computer
> magazines
> The price? Free.

My personal haul today is not nearly as impressive, mostly because I had
to pay for the stuff, but I can't complain, since I've had days like
George's a couple of times.

An HP-85 and Commdore Tape Drive (ooh ahh) for $20. The HP85 is pretty
cool. It has a tiny CRT built into the unit (the same size as an Osborne
1's screen). It is about the same dimensions as an Apple ][, but with
the added height to house the screen and a built-in printer (don't know
if it is thermal or ink, all I know is that it is quiet...any help on
this?) It also has a built in BASIC, it seems to be capable of hi-res
graphics, and it has a 5-slot HPIB bus on the back. A very cool
system. Anyway, know anything more about this thing? I'd like to get a
manual and some HPIB cards.

An Apple ][ - it's in ratty shape but I got it for $7 with some periphs.
I need to clean it up. This one seems to have auto-start integer basic
ROMs (it finds the disk controller and boots it rather than dumping into
the monitor when you turn it on), which is odd but I think I've heard of
this before. I'm still going to be on the look-out for a nicer one, but
this one will suffice for now. Also, it is missing the D8 ROM but seems
to work fine, Integer BASIC and all. Anyone know anything about this?

An Atari 600XL in the original box - the box has seen better days, but
this unit is complete, with all the accesories in their original
box/bag. This is a nice complement to my 800XL. I also met a guy who
says he has all manner of atari stuff, like a 65XE and 130XE, so I'm
going to be hooking up with him to check that stuff out. - $10

And the cool find of the day: get this, an Epson PX-8 laptop! This is
similar to the Epson HX-20, but is sleeker and better. It has a flip-up
display (looks like 10 lines by 80 columns), a full-size keyboard, and
like the HX-20 has a micro-cassette tape drive for storage. That's
all I know about it so far because I got no manuals and haven't been able
to power it up yet (I need to find the right PS). Allegedly it runs
CP/M. I'll fill you guys in on the details as I figure it out. I think
this is a new find, and needs to be added to the classiccmp list o'
systems. I don't remember it being in there. Am I wrong? At any rate,
this is truly THE FIND OF THE DAY! - $15

I passed on an IBM 5155 for $30 because it was in ratty shape and I
didn't even want to bother haggling over it. It was being sold by the
same guy who I bought the Apple ][ from and who has the Atari stuff, so I
figure I can always go back for it. Was I foolish to pass this up? I
was told it comes up with a PARITY ERROR upon boot up, which most likely
means a bad RAM chip.

I also saw some Digital platters which might interest you DECheads. I
can't remember the model number (something like RKL051...) but they were
brand spanking new in a sealed plastic bag (two of them). If someone
wants these, I can always find the seller and snag them for you.

Also, I still have that RK-02 dual 8" drive unit if anyone is interested.

Hope your classic computer scrounging was a fruitful as mine was. Stay
tuned for further information on the Vintage Computer Festival (as I am
now calling it). I should have a firm date and more details within the next
couple of weeks. If all goes as I am planning, it should be a nice show,
and will hopefully get some of you long distance folks to come out to
california to attend.

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