Yet another weekend haul story

From: Eric Fischer <>
Date: Mon Jun 2 09:31:17 1997

Sam Ismail said,

> An Apple ][ - it's in ratty shape but I got it for $7 with some
> periphs. I need to clean it up. This one seems to have auto-start
> integer basic ROMs ... Also, it is missing the D8 ROM but seems to
> work fine, Integer BASIC and all. Anyone know anything about this?

That's normal for an Integer BASIC Apple II, actually. Integer
BASIC isn't big enough to require the $Dxxx address space, so
those sockets were left empty for add-on ROMs. The chip in the
D0 socket is probably the "Programmer's Aid" chip, which contained
a collection of subroutines for assembly language programming.

> And the cool find of the day: get this, an Epson PX-8 laptop!

Neat! Yes, it runs CP/M and has WordStar.

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