Yet another weekend haul story

From: Kevan Heydon <>
Date: Tue Jun 3 05:36:47 1997

> I used to have it this way until the wife moved into my house and my life
> and began dictating what rooms get used for what purposes. Now I have to
> argue just to keep my computers in my garage. Even proposing silly ideas
> like building a storage shed gets a cold stare. One day my computers in
> a very cheezy B-movie-esque fashion will come alive go after my wife for
> not respecting them. :)

It does seem that wives/partners are quite understanding of our hobby/
obsession. My wife, Michelle, has her moments of support when she has
got me some of the best machines in my collection, and other moments of
'you are not bringing another computer into this house.' The later is
usually broken when I bring home a really rare machine and I go on about
how good the design was or how bad it was and that it was only sold for
a short time. I find that the longer I leave the machine(s) temporarily
dumped on the sofa the worse things get, especially if friends come
around and there is nowhere to sit :-)

We have just finished converting our loft into an office, as the
previous office is now used as a nursery for our baby girl. The problem
is that even though this new office is bigger I have had to move up all
the computers I had hidden around the house into it. You cannot see the
carpet anymore :-( (I will have to post a picture I took on my web site
so you can play spot the computer.)

I have started to trade/swap machines lately, either selling some of my
duplicates or trading large machines for smaller ones. Space is
becoming so much of an issue that I am thinking I may have to start
specialising and re-distribute some of the larger things I have. These
are computers I have saved from a skip but never used through my
childhood or my working life. Here I am talking about the PDP stuff and
maybe CPM machines. (It's funny as a kid I drooled over having a
Superbrain with dual Z80s and 64K of memory. I only ever saw pictures
of them in adverts and when I got one recently I was a little taken
a back with how big they are.)

Do other people specialise? Personally I think I would find it hard
because I hate to leave computers at boot sales etc.

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