Yet another weekend haul story

From: A.R. Duell <>
Date: Tue Jun 3 12:41:03 1997

> It does seem that wives/partners are quite understanding of our hobby/
> obsession. My wife, Michelle, has her moments of support when she has

Yes, I often wonder why my parents (who get to store most of my small
collection) put up with it. It must be the only hall in the world to
contain 4 minicomputers and a couple of workstations...

> got me some of the best machines in my collection, and other moments of
> 'you are not bringing another computer into this house.' The later is

I get exactly the same reaction. One minute it's 'Why on earth do you want
_another_ workstation', the next it's 'I've got you a Tektronix colour
terminal that was being thrown out - I assume you want it'.

> usually broken when I bring home a really rare machine and I go on about
> how good the design was or how bad it was and that it was only sold for
> a short time. I find that the longer I leave the machine(s) temporarily
> dumped on the sofa the worse things get, especially if friends come
> around and there is nowhere to sit :-)

Sit? We ran out of places to sit years ago.....

> Do other people specialise? Personally I think I would find it hard
> because I hate to leave computers at boot sales etc.

I tried to specialise - in workstations and minicomputers. But although I
can easily resist buying 1980's home micros (most of them are somewhat
uninteresting to a hardware hacker, since a lot of the logic is hidden in
a ULA), I find it very difficult not to buy unusual micros, prototypes,
1-of-a-kind machines, etc. So the specialisation didn't really work...

> --
> Kevan

The gates in my computer are AND,OR and NOT, not Bill
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