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From: Pete Robinson <>
Date: Tue Jun 3 14:25:32 1997

In article <>, Glenn Roberts
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>At 12:10 AM 6/3/97 -0400, Mr. Self Destruct wrote:
>> OK, lately, I have been placed in a sort of dilemna... I have literally
>> been deluged with e-mails/posts from people asking for MY MANUALS ...
>> I will grudgingly go to my nearest copying center and make
>> copies ..
>perhaps it is time for this group to stand up and begin to truly capture
>the history and documentation of classic computing - and to do it on line.
>for starters this means capturing manuals which are all too often lost

I've been trying to produce command summaries for the 8-bits on my
homepage, including links to other manuals, tech refs etc. I've tried
scanning and OCR without much success so it's fairly hard going.

I'm new to the collecting scene so there's not much there yet.

When I'm out "car-booting" I tend to look for the manuals rather than
the systems - (I'm mainly interested in the home micros) - the systems
themselves are easy to find, the documentation tends to get lost over
the years.

>comments on this proposal? are there already similar archives out there? -
>(i know of some Commodore ones), if so we should point to them. I'm not

where's the commodore site?
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