Packing Computers

From: Greg Mast <>
Date: Wed Jun 4 03:08:57 1997

I have been shipping computers for a while now with no problem
whatsoever. I follow the guidelines already mentioned with a couple

Wrap the items in bubble wrap (best) or a plastic bag, anti-static is
best. This protects the surfaces and stops the styrofoam from being in
direct contact with the plastic on the machine. Keeps foam from getting
into the slots, etc. I also notice that the plastic in the cords
especially tend to bond with the foam after a while.

Popcorn in the bottom. Put the system in. Popcorn on sides and on top.
Allow for settling, compress it until it's firm. Seal it up.

If putting items on top of each other I'd put a piece of cardboard in
between along with a few inches of popcorn just in case things move.

This is for shipping. I've shipped lots of stuff packed in a single box
without a single casualty. Moving a short distance shouldn't be as much
of a big deal but if someone drops a box, you'll be glad you did it. I
didn't have any casualties when I moved last year either.

I get packing material from a couple sources. A camera shop here gets
about 5 big bags a month since all their stuff is fragile. A
manufacturer has a big cardboard recycling area where they dump boxes
and bubblewrap. If someone is near Mountain View, CA (near where I used
to live), I have a great source for tons of this stuff. Email me.


PS: I have an Apple IIc & IIe on Auctionweb that are going cheap so far.
The IIc is only at $3.25! Even cheap compared to you guy's standards.
Shipping is extra though (UPS). Auction ends tomorrow.

Apple IIC Computer (photo)
    Current bid: $3.25
    Auction ends on: 06/04/97, 22:48:02 PDT

Apple IIe Computer, Duo Drive, 64K (photo)
    Current bid: $20.50
    Auction ends on: 06/04/97, 22:54:32 PDT
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