Packing Computers

From: Susan M Johnson <smj_at_U.Arizona.EDU>
Date: Wed Jun 4 15:47:02 1997

Absolutely, positively do NOT pack a computer in peanuts without first
putting the computer in something like a plastic garbage bag! I've got
a used one I bought which was shippped to me packed in peanuts - no
plastic bag (sigh). It took awhile but I finally got all the peanuts out
of the computer and then out of the floppy drive. Now all I need to do is
re-align the drive and hope the drive will then work.

For lack of anything else, I once used some insulation material (steel
wool stuff, I think). Put the computer or printer first in a plastic
garbage bag, then wrap with the insulation. It worked just fine. Not the
best stuff in the world to use, I would think, due to the minute fibers in
the insulation, but better than nothing.

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