Seattle Computer CPU Module

From: Marvin <>
Date: Sat Jun 7 18:23:18 1997

> > In my travels, I picked up a dozen or so Seattle Computer CPU modules,
> > model 220A. Basically, it is a circuit board about 1.5" x 3" with an
> > 8088, SN74LS04, SN74LS30, and a SN74LS273 chip on it. It has an 8 pin
> > header on the component side of the board, and the 40 pins of the 8088
> > socket extend about .5" below the board. Does anyone here have any idea
> > what this is??? I have had them for several years and have yet to find
> > out where they were used. Thanks.

> CP/M-86 and SCP-DOS/MS-DOS simultaneously. I missed buying such a
> machine by 15 minutes :(. At any rate - I'm guessing you have a
> bunch of 8088 co-processors for these machines. The one I missed
> was called a Gazelle-I so they might be for that machine.
> Bill

That would make sense since they sure look like an add-on for
something. One thing I left out of the descriptions was the date code
on the chips were 1986. If anyone has a need for them, let me know as I
have about 2 dozen when I checked again.
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