From: Marvin <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Sat Jun 7 18:30:04 1997

Bill Whitson wrote:
> > As to where I store it ... all over! I tend to forget what I have but I
> > the earliest is probably the PDP 8i, and PDP 11/05. Of course the Mits
> > Altair and Imsai. As to being rare, I don't have a good handle on that
> > part. The collection includes the early Pets with the Chicklet keyboard,
> > Atari, Heath Data Systems, Northstar, Altos, CompuPro, Wang, DEC, Timex,
> > Commodore, Lobo, Polymorphic, Vector Graphic, Intel, Corona and Cordata
> > (the company that took over Corona,) Morrow, Ohio Scientific, some Apple
> > stuff, Tandy and Radio Shack, Sol, Cromemco, Xerox, NCC, Televideo, NCR,
> > Kaypro, Osbourne, IBM, Sanyo, Compaq, Jonos, Eagle, and probably a bunch
> > more I can't recall off hand.
> All I can say is - when I started putting together the List of Classic
> Computers I never thought anyone would collect them _all_!! ;)

I was reading a copy of the Z-Letter a few years ago and read where he
had somewhere around 400 computers. I figured I had better get busy if
I was to have any chance of catching him :).
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