This weekend's haul

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Sun Jun 8 19:50:13 1997

This weekend was pretty quiet, though I did pick up a couple
ColecoVision cartridges, including 'Turbo' with the 'Expansion Module
#2' steering wheel and gas pedal, a set of Commodore 1312 paddles for
the VIC-20 and a boxed 'Road Race' cartridge for the VIC-20. I also
recieved the TRS-80 Mod. 4P from Barry. Thanks Barry! The weekend has
basically been spent fooling with both the 4P and the ADAM. Does anyone
have a spare data drive or 160k floppy for the ADAM?

        This next thing really doesn't fit into the group, but it is likely
something that a good many of you may be interested in. I found an
emulator on the web which takes actual ROM images from the coin-op
arcade games, and plays them on either a PC, UNIX, Amiga, or Mac. There
are quite a few games supported by the emulator at this point, and it
seems to work quite well. I've play Q^bert, Zaxxon, and Donkey Kong on
it. You even get to see the coin-op startup tests, if there were any.
For the emulator as well as ROM's, check out:


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