Digital Imaging (was: Re: Chisolm)

From: Jonathan Hunter <>
Date: Sun Jun 8 23:13:50 1997

> There are also 'classic' CCD cameras. There was a thing made by
> 'Datacopy' that had a linear CCD that was mechanically scanned
> across the frame (motor + leadscrew). There was certainly a PERQ
> interface for this (made by GHS/Audre' in Canada), and I guess
> others as well.
> These solutions sound a lot more fun than a modern PC-based system.

Yes :-)

I remember the PCWs we used to have at school. They had small scanning
devices that replaced the print head on the printer. The computer
would make the printer scan the entire sheet of paper, line by line,
and in this way it built up the image...

Not the fastest of scanners, but fun to watch it go!

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