From: Hans Pufal <>
Date: Mon Jun 9 00:46:37 1997

On Fri, 6 Jun 1997 Marvin Johnston wrote :

> Wow, I think I am beginning to like this listserver!

Only just beginning ;-)

> It has an LCD screen with a decent keyboard on it.

So far so good...

> The size is approximately 12" wide x 8"
> deep x 5" high and the LCD screen folds up typical of a portable.
> It has a couple of standard bus size cards (one is missing) but uses
> the header type connector (2 x 50?) instead of the gold fingers to
> plug into the backplane.

Nope, not a Gavilan which was was only a couple of inches tall and had
no internal slots (for cards at least).

> If this is a Gavilan, are docs, schematics, and parts still available?

I doubt it, there used to be quite an active Gavilan group in Silicon
many years ago and if anyone has need I can try and dredge up some long
forgotten names...

Hans B Pufal
Received on Mon Jun 09 1997 - 00:46:37 BST

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