Cleaning Plastic

From: Kai Kaltenbach <>
Date: Mon Jun 9 11:44:52 1997

Yellowing may be irreversible. I've been thinking of removing all
electronics from a case, and soaking it in dilute bleach solution

I did find a great method for removing permanent marker from textured
plastic. Cameo copper cleaner powder works great and doesn't harm the

For other stains, I use a Scotch Brite pad of the type that says it's
safe on fiberglass.

I'd sure like to find a good method for cleaning keyboards.


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> Subject: Cleaning Plastic
> I apologize if this is a repeat question but I can't seem to find the
> previous post.
> What were the solutions to removing yellowing from the plastic cases?
> I
> bought a printer that looks terrible. Not sure what caused it so any
> suggestions helpful at this point.
> thanks,
> Greg
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