Cleaning Plastic

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Mon Jun 9 12:54:03 1997

On Mon, 9 Jun 1997, Kai Kaltenbach wrote:

> Yellowing may be irreversible. I've been thinking of removing all
> electronics from a case, and soaking it in dilute bleach solution
> overnight.
> I did find a great method for removing permanent marker from textured
> plastic. Cameo copper cleaner powder works great and doesn't harm the
> texture.

Hmmm, sounds good. Where can we find this? I usually just scrub it off
with a Scotch abrasive wash sponge, but of course this mars the surface,
although not horribly.

I'm experimenting with a cleaner right now based on orange citrus juices
called Amazing Orange or something silly. It lifts grease off like
THAT! And I mean like THAT! The most common application for me is some
thrift stores mark the prices on units with grease pens. This takes it
right off, in a FLASH! And I mean in a FLASH! I bought this stuff from
a home&garden show. I'll get the real name and an ordering address if
anyone wants to try it. Its sorta expensive though.

> I'd sure like to find a good method for cleaning keyboards.

Aha! I just came up with a great method. Go out and get yourself a
medium-stiff bristled plastic brush, with at least 1 inch bristles. Then
apply your favorite cleaning agent, such as Formula 409 or what have you
(I use an Amway product called L.O.C. which works great) and scrub in a
circular motion. The keys shouldn't be harmed physically as long as you
don't jam the brush into them and after a short while all the dirt on top
as well as around the keys will be lifted. Of course, you still have to
deal with all the crap tucked away under the keys, and there's no way
around this other than to lift all the keys out and then clean the
under-surface. I did this with a grungy-assed Apple //e keyboard the
other day and it came out looking fresh.

Bill mentions sticking a keyboard in a dishwasher. Bill, I assume you've
done this, and it's OK? I would think that with the heat of drying and
all it would kill the components.

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> > I apologize if this is a repeat question but I can't seem to find the
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> > What were the solutions to removing yellowing from the plastic cases?
> > I
> > bought a printer that looks terrible. Not sure what caused it so any
> > suggestions helpful at this point.
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