Radofin Aquarius

From: Jeff Hellige <jeffh_at_unix.aardvarkol.com>
Date: Sun Jun 8 18:57:11 1997

   Of course, Sam and others have taken to talking about the Mattel Aquarius
lately, but I've never seen a mention of the Radofin version, which other than
the lack of 'Mattel' logos and the change to the model number and label on the
bottom of the machine, is identical. Were many of them sold? Does anyone
else out there have one? About all I've been able to learn is that since
Radofin was the actual manufacturer of both versions, they continued to
produce it for an unknown length of time after Mattel dropped it from their
line. There's not even a mention of it on any of the Aquarius references on
the web.

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