How to read/write TRS-80 diskettes from PC?

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Mon Jun 9 15:01:45 1997

> Does anyone know how to read/write TRS-80 Model I format diskettes with
> a PC?
> I have a CompatiCard II and a Copy II Option Board. I assume the Option
> Board is able to copy TRS-80 diskettes (I hope, just got it this weekend
> and haven't tried yet) but I need to actually write files. Sydex 22Disk
> appears to support only CP/M formats.

TRS-80 disks are single density, single sided, soft sector non-cpm unless
after market cpm is installed. The original disk controller was wd1771.

There is two form to trs-80 disks those from TRSDOS and those from
DiskBASIC. As far as I remember(18 years!) they were compatble with each
other. Their structure was very unlike CP/M and it used a FAT style of

Now to add to the pain, there were various mods that allowed for double
density and even two sided disk drives. If so the controller was wd1793
in the form of a piggy back card.

Knowing the controller used is important as some of the system out there
created disk formats that are completely unreadable by anything other than
a system with 1771/1793!

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