cocos and stuff

From: Kai Kaltenbach <>
Date: Tue Jun 10 14:07:40 1997

The Color Computers were:

Color Computer 1: Silver/black, 4K-64K
Color Computer 2: White, 4K-64K
Color Computer 3: White, 64K-128K
Micro Color Computer: White, tiny, 4K

I've never heard of a TDP-100. The Color Computers had ROM BASIC and
most serious users ran an operating system called OS-9 which was kind of
like TopView.

Expansion is via the cartridge slot. The floppy disk interface was
implemented as a cartridge, with the floppy OS in ROM in the controller
cartridge. CoCo floppy drives are rare. Floppies stored 156K. There
was also a hard disk cartridge, believe it or not; plus, a Multi-Pak
Interface which allowed you to connect four different carts and switch
between them.

There are lots of CoCo fanatics around, somebody probably sells parts
and maybe even schematics.

In regard to the Inboard/386, as I recall it had 1MB 32-bit RAM on the
card, and could optionally use motherboard RAM which of course ran at a
much slower rate. My memories may be confused with the Inboard/386 AT,
but I seem to remember a daughtercard which could store an additional
2MB or so. Good luck finding a daughtercard though.


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> HI,
> In my non-op list of equipment I have three cocos apparently
> operational.
> They are of two different styles.
> The smaller is the TRS80 color computer with real keys on the
> keyboard.
> I have two of these one the case was wiped out, board is ok.
> The larger is TDP-100 personal color computer with chiclet keys.
> Lacking docs I presume these have rom Basic. What expansion is
> possible
> (there is a port) and how hard. Do they run any real OSs or some
> TRShack?
> What's the odds of finding DOCS especially schematics?
> I have a xt class machine with an Intel Inboard386...(works too!)
> what's the
> odds of finding schemtics or expansion ram for it? The 1meg of ram is
> tight
> for somne stuff. Currently I use it as a 10x faster xt.
> Allison
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