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From: A.R. Duell <>
Date: Wed Jun 11 10:19:26 1997

> The Color Computers were:
> Color Computer 1: Silver/black, 4K-64K
> Color Computer 2: White, 4K-64K
> Color Computer 3: White, 64K-128K

You mean 128K-512K, I think. The CoCo 3 needed 16 bit wide RAM for the
video system, and used either 4 off 64K*4 chips on the main board, or a
daughterboard with 16 off 256K * 1 chips on it. Some hackers went up to 2M
I think

> Micro Color Computer: White, tiny, 4K
> I've never heard of a TDP-100. The Color Computers had ROM BASIC and
> most serious users ran an operating system called OS-9 which was kind of
> like TopView.

OS-9 is actually a lot more like Unix (at least to a user). There was a
graphical frontend called 'Multiview' (or some similar spelling) for OS-9
level 2, but you need a CoCo 3 and 512K to run that.

> Kai

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