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From: Roger Ivie <>
Date: Tue Jun 10 14:15:42 1997

> The smaller is the TRS80 color computer with real keys on the keyboard.
> I have two of these one the case was wiped out, board is ok.
>Lacking docs I presume these have rom Basic. What expansion is possible
>(there is a port) and how hard. Do they run any real OSs or some TRShack?

RS sold OS/9 for the color computer. I don't know what models are required
to run it.

>What's the odds of finding DOCS especially schematics?

RS published a technical manual for the color computer; I have a copy of it
somewhere. HOWEVER I found there's an app note from Motorola with schematics
that almost exactly match those in the RS technical manual. I don't recall
whether it was a 6809 app note or a 6847 app note though. If you can find a
set of old Motorola data books you may be able to find it.

Roger Ivie
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