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From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Tue Jun 10 14:55:21 1997

> Color Computer 2: White, 4K-64K
 One is definatly a coco2 with 64k. no question.

> Color Computer 3: White, 64K-128K

 I suspect the board I have is one of these with 128k (four 41464s) and
 a lot of the logic is on an ASIC.

> I've never heard of a TDP-100. The Color Computers had ROM BASIC and

TDP is TANDY DATA PRODUCTS when tandy was trying to seperate from the
Radiocrap idea in the early 80s.

TDP-100 It's coco 6809, cart port and configureable for 16 or 64k. This one
has 64k I suspect it's the COCO-1 but case color is white and black and
keyboard is chicklet style. Has all the joystick connectors and the like.
It's design is lots of chips compared to the other two I suspect early
design. Also it's serial number 0000038! It also has lots of mods.

The inboard386/pc and inboard386/at are similar save for one is designed to
replace the 8088 and is 8-bit ISA and the other the 286 with 16bit ISA.
The /PC version has 1mb of ram but with more (4mb) I could use it as a slow
(it's 16mhz) linux box. A schematic of the connector for the ram expansion
would be useful, I can hack my own board. The PC version cannot use the
motherboard ram as far as I can see in the book and even if it could I need

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