Tandy 600

From: Marvin <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Tue Jun 10 14:58:07 1997

Kai Kaltenbach wrote:
> Actually the Tandy 600 was a 1989 concoction. It looks like an early
> Toshiba laptop, with flip-up narrow LCD display. It has Multiplan, a
> subset of MS Word, a built-in modem, 360K 3.5" drive, 80x16 display, and
> sold for $999. I passed up one of these at a swap meet a few weeks ago.

Your description almost fits this one but not quite. This one has a 3
1/2" drive (720K I believe). I doubt that a manual would be copyrighted
4 years or so ahead of when it was sold. Does your 1989 year imply that
the Tandy 600 had at least a four year life span? I happened across
this one when someone brought it to me to be repaired and didn't want it
back. I ended up trading a 20 MB Seagate 225 for it, and the machine is
in really good condition!
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