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From: A.R. Duell <>
Date: Wed Jun 11 10:16:31 1997

> HI,
> In my non-op list of equipment I have three cocos apparently operational.
> They are of two different styles.
> The smaller is the TRS80 color computer with real keys on the keyboard.
> I have two of these one the case was wiped out, board is ok.
> The larger is TDP-100 personal color computer with chiclet keys.
> Lacking docs I presume these have rom Basic. What expansion is possible
> (there is a port) and how hard. Do they run any real OSs or some TRShack?

There is a ROM basic, which is essentially Microsoft. This may either be
'Color Basic' (lacks high-res graphics commands, etc) or 'Extended Color

The expansion port is a 40 way edge connector, and is the 6809 system bus
with a few extras. I can find a pinout if you need it.

I mentioned the OS's a few days back. If you have a disk drive, you will
have disk basic in ROM. You can run 'color TRS-DOS' from disk (pretty
simple OS) or OS-9 if you have 64K. OS-9, is (IMHO) a real OS.

> What's the odds of finding DOCS especially schematics?

Very high. Tandy were hacker-friendly, and you could get service manuals
for all their computer stuff (I have the CoCo 3 service manual). There's
also a CoCo TechRef that includes the CoCo1 schematics with more
explanations than the service manual gives.

> Allison

The gates in my computer are AND,OR and NOT, not Bill
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