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From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Wed Jun 11 10:41:20 1997

On Wed, 11 Jun 1997, Brian L. Stuart wrote:

> >Cool but definitely not
> >as cool as the Burroughs adding machine! I have no idea what year this
> >thing is from, but it's case is made of a steel frame with glass sides so
> >you can see the mechanisms inside. I don't know how much it's worth, but
> Is this the one that has a row of digits for output at the bootom of the
> front glass panel and a printing mechanism in back. If so, I've got one

Yes, it does. It has a typewriter-like carriage on the back with a paper
tape roll. It also has a display on the front that can go up to 999,999.99.

> of those too. It had been the adding machine my grandfather used when
> he founded the family business (a cotton gin). Some years ago, I found
> it lying out in a pile of scrap metal. Even then (I was probably in
> high school or college then) I guess I had a collector's instinct. Ok,
> that really means that I'm a packrat and cheapskate. Unfortunately on
> mine the carriage mechanism for the printing is rusted solid. But I
> do have plans to someday restore it. It'll be one of may favorite
> pieces in my museum (again someday).

Mine sort-of works. I can only press down a digit in the
hundred-thousands column though, and a few other buttons work. I can't
shift it from add to subtract mode. Any idea what year these things are

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