Reminder: electronics/junk/computer sale June 14

From: Uncle Roger <>
Date: Wed Jun 11 11:09:09 1997

At 01:31 PM 6/10/97 -0700, you wrote:
>This is a reminder for those in the San Francisco Bay area that
>on June 14 in Mountain View, there will be an junk/electronics sale.

Thanks for the reminder! I've missed the last one (or two?) and would have
missed this one otherwise.

>There will likely be a small get together (two people so far). Anyone who
>is interested in the get together let me know. There is a pretty good

As of right now, the only thing on my calendar for Saturday is Flag day (and
I don't own a flag.) If I can keep that open, and convince my girlfriend
and/or my dad they'd enjoy it, I'll be there. (hmmm... Add to Friday's to
do list: Rob Bank) Let me know details... Thanks!

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