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From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Wed Jun 11 17:22:50 1997

On Wed, 11 Jun 1997, Brian L. Stuart wrote:

> >Mine sort-of works. I can only press down a digit in the
> >hundred-thousands column though, and a few other buttons work. I can't
> >shift it from add to subtract mode. Any idea what year these things are
> >from?
> It's been a while since I tried it, but I seem to remember that mine
> works except for the carriage. But it's at my parent's house right
> now so I can't refresh my memory regarding operation.

Acutally, I found what the problem was this morning. There was an
(unidentified) lever stuck in place. I had to unjam it, and then
everything started working. What a mind-blowing contraption.

> It's an advertising photo showing a secretary carrying a portable
> Burroughs machine in about 1922 and some of the features (shape of
> buttons, shape of cutouts for the digits, etc) seem to be at least
> similar. I'd believe just about anything in the '20-'40s.

I figured that same range myself. But I'm more inclined to think the
20s. The older the better. I'm hoping this will be a nice antique which
I can put on display in my livingroom. It definitely adds charm to any

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