Scrapping and saving classic stuff

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Wed Jun 11 17:16:38 1997

On Wed, 11 Jun 1997, Marvin wrote:

> Hi Jim, I was reading these posts also and was also trying to think of a
> way to handle these situations. I like your idea of an Index giving the
> location of collectors. I, for one, really appreciated Sam posting the
> stuff about available computers and can cover parts of central
> California without too much effort (parts of Los Angeles to San Luis
> Obispo or so.) I have also found places, primarily schools, that have a
> bunch of interesting stuff that sometimes sits for years safely stored
> away, and probably available for either taking it away (they need space)
> or for scrap prices.

I can cover most of the Bay Area (California). Of course there are at
least 3 other collectors on this discussion who could as well.

> Another thought on a related subject is what to do with stuff all of us
> might have but are only being held to save it from the dump. As one

A couple of people regularly post their trade lists (Kai for one). I am
currently going through all my stuff to come up with a trade list of my
own, mainly based on duplicates of systems I already own (like 6 VIC-20s,
a number of TI-99/4a's...mostly common stuff). I don't want this to turn
into a big trade-a-thon though. Perhaps we can start another listserve
that has messages related only to buy/sell/trade? That way we won't be
inundated with people spewing their requests and trade lists into the
main discussion area. This would be so much easier if it were a
newsgroup, but then again the quality would suffer (what with all the
lame advertisement spams).

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