From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Wed Jun 11 17:20:01 1997

On Wed, 11 Jun 1997, Marvin wrote:

> Along the lines of saving stuff, does anyone collect the old printers?
> I have several including the SWTP 40 column printer, the usual
> assortment of Tandy and CBM printers, a couple of DecWriters (LA36), an
> early Centronics, a number of daisy wheel printers, and my newest
> addition, an ASR 33. But I also run into quite a few (usually free)
> that I don't have the room or inclination to store. I would guess that
> most of the older printers will head for the dump with few people
> caring, but then again ...

I've often thought of this, but it comes down to, would I rather use the
space for many different computers or some computers and some printers?
A printer is a printer, but since nobody really looks upon these as
collectible, they are the most likely to be overlooked or sent to the
scrap heap. A big problem is that they often weigh a lot and are a
burden to store. Nonetheless, I have recently started to collect the old
printers. I have a Commodore one, a TRS-80 one, a Tandy one, and may a
couple others. But I take them somewhat reluctantly, usually as a part
of a whole lot. But I figure, nobody else is going to save them, so I
might as well try to save a couple. Printers are definitely going to be
an interesting relic 50 years from now when hardly any from this era
remain, again because of the reasons I've cited above.

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